About Us

Our goal is to create lifestyle products that are classic in style,
simplicity in appearance and practicality in texture.


Founded in 2010, WEMUG began its wonderful journey and originated from the idea of bringing outdoor and portable products to customers, setting a unique character for the brand. We believe that drinkware and outdoor fashion items should be a seamless blend of functionality and fashion. 



Inspired to provide the everyday lifestyle adventurer with the perfect bags and drink bottles, WEMUG products have been designed by its teams in Hong Kong and Taiwan that satisfy the daily demand for your indoor and outdoor schedules. Featuring a combination of refined timeless British elements and a bit of Japanese design, the brand identity of WEMUG is born.



H.A.N.D was launched in 2013, as we extended our vision of a minimal concept to bags for urban cycling, travel and outdoor ranges. 




 [Seafaring - the adventure] 

In the late 8th century, the Vikings used some coarse, hemp fabric on their sail boats. It was called the 'Canvas'. By the time in Ancient Rome, the canvas was popularized for a wide range of uses because of its sturdy and water resistant nature; it became an essential material for military use. 

The Americans were discovered in the early 16th century, the great migration to the new found land had begun. Driven to blend the canvas nature from the old military days into our everyday life, WEMUG is determined to thoroughly design and create quality products that represent the key elements of the canvas, which are: study for perseverance and water resistance for durability. Featuring timeless elements of the canvas, each piece evokes a touch of nostalgia yet modern functionality and practicality. It's the dawn of a new era.

[Adventure - the lifestyle]

The passion for adventure had brought together a group of designer from Hong Kong and Taiwan. They traveled all around the world, exploring for ideas. H.A.N.D was born of such passion in 2013. Capturing the unique characters from within the city as well as the great outdoors, their designs had infused the fashion of the city into the outdoor lifestyle, creating a series of bag that is the unique design concept of H.A.N.D. 

While we utilize the sturdy and water resistant nature of the canvas, we also demand quality craftsmanship. Every stitch of our bag is there to emphasize the elemental sensation of the canvas. The simple lines and impact of colors brings out the lively casual feeling of H.A.N.D. 

To create your own style is what H.A.N.D is all about.