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Are You Ready for Halloween?

by Betty Niu |

The countdown has begun—only 5 days left! 

Handmade Packaging

by Joann Leung |

WEMUG強調工匠精神,注重產品每一個細節,追求極致。從帆布包包堅持使用皮革工藝車縫,到寄送出去的包裝,都秉持工匠雕琢理念。 At WEMUG, we cannot stress enough about the craftsmanship of our every product.The insistence of leather stitched on canvas, the design of our packaging, you can be sure of our relentless attention to detail.      

Orange Halloween!

by Betty Niu |

Trick or Treat? Halloween is coming again ! It’s wonderful that you can have fun in Halloween Party and get tons of candies! H.A.N.D also wolud like to share this happy moment with you! Starting from 27th Oct to 31st Oct, you can enjoy 15% off for our ‘Orange’ items: Voyage Backpack(orange) and products of Travel Seris(Fox and Oslo), pefectly...

Travel series—Life is an adventure.

by Betty Niu |

Travel series—Life is an adventure.With your hands, to catch the fish in the sea, to touch the beautiful flowers, to climb the rocks… You can paint your own painting with your hands.H.A.N.D captures the unique characters from different cities, fuses with the simple chicdesign and creates the new travel series. There are 4 styles in Travel Sries -...

Cruise II, embrace your life.

by Betty Niu |

Cruise II, embrace your life. Love to take out my notebook from backpack, noted down the beauties in the life. Cruise II,漫遊人生。 喜歡從背包掏出喜愛的筆記,記錄生活點滴。

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