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SELECTED Frosty Clear
SELECTED Frosty Clear

Frosty Clear "More Water" Tritan BPA Free Water Bottle (Blue Words)


$ 16.00 USD

WEMUG & Lifestyle

***All WEMUG water bottles are BPA free products that do not contain suspected EDC materials, Bisphenol A and harmful plasticizer.

??ave Beer -Drink- MORE WATER??br>
Carrying a reusable water bottle showcases a healthy and environment friendly lifestyle.

A unique word on the water bottle, to a special one.

WEMUG products are designed to be the perfect gifts for ourselves, or for family and friends, to provide small bursts of happiness on our days.

Capacity: 550ml
Temperature Range: -20?C to 100?C
Size: 70cm (W) x 175cm (H)

Material: PCT Tritan (Body) + PP (Cap & Inner Lid)

- Leak Safe design
- Wide mouth design : easy to fill in water and easy to clean

This transparent BPA free bottle is safe to use to hold both hot and cold water. Lightweight with a simple design, this lovely bottle is easy to bring around.